I hear so many people talking about stomach and digestive issues that I truly wish I could shout this information from the rooftops! If people really understood how it works and how much relief they can have in such a short period of time, I believe it would change much of life as we know it.

I found out about this recipe after a trip to the hospital emergency room. As everyone that knows me is well aware, I will NOT go to the ER unless I feel like there is something so wrong it simply cannot wait. This was one of those times.

I had been having a stomachache for quite some time, which is not really anything new for me. Everyone has a stomachache from time to time and I had issues with ulcers at one point, so it didn’t really both me much.


I got up that one morning and even a small sip of water would make me double over in unbearable pain. It didn’t take long before I told my husband that I had to do something. So we went to the ER.

After tests and more tests, they determined that I had severe bleeding ulcers. I wound up being there the entire day. They had me on an IV drip in each arm and gave me specific instructions as to what kind of medication I would have to take. For the rest of my life. I think after doing some research, I found that it was going to be a few hundred dollars each month to buy this medication because, Lord knows we didn’t have insurance.

Being the kind of “natural remedies” girl that I am, I immediately started to research natural alternatives to the treatment plan I’d been given and that’s when I found the recipe and article surrounding Oatmeal Broth.

At first, it sounded awful, but I also knew I wouldn’t be able to afford that medicine. So I broke down and tried it.

The Recipe:

It’s pretty simple to make. Just take your box of oats, they can be the quick cook kind or the other, it doesn’t really matter. Look at the directions for one serving of oats and quadruple the amount of water used to make it.

When you put it on the stove, set it at the lowest setting that will maintain just a few bubbles in the oats. You don’t want to cook it too quickly because the water will evaporate and you’ll miss all the medicinal properties.

Once you have a steady bubble going on, let that cook for about an hour and then take it off and let it cool. Once it has cooled and can be handled, strain it through a layer or two of cheesecloth into a glass jar with a lid. Your oatmeal broth will keep like this for several weeks in the fridge if you keep the lid on tight, but you probably won’t want to let it wait that long.

How To Use It:

I have found that the directions for use vary from a teaspoon or so every couple of hours to a juice glass full once a day, so I’m just going to tell you what I did.

I took a regular shot glass and took one shot every hour. Within just 3-4 hours, my stomach pains were starting to subside to the point that I could sit without too much discomfort and by the next day, my pain was completely gone.

I was a tried and true believer from that point on and let me tell you, I’ve told everyone that would listen. Unfortunately, many people do not believe the answer is so simple and I doubt that half of them ever tried it. I’m pretty sure I can confidently say, if you are ever in the position I was in, and get the results I got from oatmeal broth, you’ll be a believer too!

How Does It Work?

Oats contain a natural silicone. Once you boil the oats, that then becomes present in the “broth” and acts like a sealant throughout your entire system. I’ve seen it work for ulcers and lots of other stomach and digestive problems and, in some cases, even severe sore throats and canker sores. It also makes a great hair conditioner for dry hair.

One thing is for sure: if you are facing stomach troubles, especially where you might need to be on medication for the rest of your life, you have nothing to lose by implementing oatmeal broth into your life. It’s just about as all natural as anything can be, there is no flavor to speak of and it’s easy and affordable to make.

The only thing I’ve noticed that people really dislike about it is the texture, which isn’t exactly slimy, but it’s not as thin as water either. But, like any medication, no one said it was going to taste good.

If you try it and it works for you, I’d love to hear back from you. It’s my wish that everyone who suffers from the same kind of pain I did will get the same kind of relief that I did.